Treat yourself to a new 2-seater rattan sofa for summer 2020Are you growing tired of this unpleasant Winter weather? Do you dream of relaxing in the summer sun in your back garden? Maybe you’re already thinking about what plants you’d like in your garden and your mind quickly wonders to your existing garden furniture?If so, we want you to picture a scene with us. You and your better half are relaxing in your garden, enjoying the sun and the sound of the birds singing in the trees. The sky is blue, and the drinks are on ice as you reflect on memories and talk about making plans to create new on..
Get your garden ready for summer 2020 with our range of wooden outdoor furnitureIf you’re anything like us, chances are you’re tired of this miserable winter weather and want to look forward to the summer. There’s nothing quite like warm weather, sun cream, drinks, food and lounging in the sun, and whilst we may be in the throes of winter, now is the time to think about prepping your garden. For those that are looking to invest in new wooden outdoor furniture, we are here for you.Offering strength and durability, wooden furniture is a wise choice for those who are looking to invest in garden f..
Invest in our rattan tables and chairs in time for summer There’s nothing quite like shopping for garden furniture to help beat the winter blues. Whilst we may be battling the cold, rainy weather at the moment, sometimes all we need is something to focus on in the future. If you’re getting ready for summer 2020 and want to invest in rattan tables and chairs, you’ve come to the right place. When shopping around for garden furniture, one of peoples’ biggest concerns is the weather. With the British summer being as unpredictable as it is, rain can often be the uninvited guest and do its best to..
Look forward to summer 2020 with our range of metal garden tables and chairsWhilst we may currently be battling the cold weather and wind, sometimes the only thing that gets us through the cold and dark days is thinking ahead to the summer. When you’re waiting for the bus in the rain or fed up of feeling cold all the time, imagine what your summer will look like next year.Will you be enjoying your garden under the summer sun? Have you got plans to plant some new flowers in time for the warmer months? Do you have something comfortable to sit on in your garden in time for those long summer eveni..
Your garden area will be looking a little dull and quite often damp at this time of the year. The rainclouds will cast a shadow over those vibrant summery spaces that you have in your mind. That shouldn’t stop you, however, from thinking ahead to the warmer months. If you have your rattan garden furniture stored away in the garage or covered up in your garden, it’s time to upgrade your outdoor spaces. At Garden Furniture House we are proud of our ability to supply our customers across the UK with rattan garden accessories and much more. Our advice and guidance as well as our high-quali..
While you are shrouding from the cold and trying to stay dry from the sleet, drizzle and rain, your thoughts may wander slightly towards spring and summer. The chunk of time that we have in the middle of the year to enjoy the sunshine can be maximised with the right furniture. Our online store at Garden Furniture House is renowned for supplying wooden garden dining furniture that will transform your outdoor spaces in time for the warmer weather. You may already have garden furniture or dining furniture for your external areas, but you may fancy a change. Our collections of wooden garden..
Your garden will go through a number of transformations throughout the year. A swimming pool may be added during the summer, patio furniture will be a mainstay of your space and cushions and blankets will keep you warm come the evening. Our outdoor garden storage products at Garden Furniture House are the perfect combination of style and space-saving. You will be able to put everything that you need into these storage spaces in preparation for any eventuality. We have an exciting range of storage products that are set to suit your garden furniture style. Whether you would like to inves..
We work hard throughout the year to keep our home and outdoor areas looking good. You may have been buffeted by the wind over the weeks and months of autumn, but it will be worse for your garden. As your garden fills up with a layer of fallen leaves, you may start wondering about the warmer weather. If you have space in your garage or you want to replace items in your garden right away, our metal garden tables and chairs could be ideal. At Garden Furniture House we have become an important online store for homeowners across the UK. Whether our customers are searching for a single daybed..
With the turning of the seasons comes the expectation that we need to stay warm. Jumping from warm place to warm place, we will soak up the teas, hot drinks and coffees in cafes across the country – but what about when we’re at home?There is still hope for the great outdoors. The brisk and frosty mornings might bring a shock to the system, but we can enjoy the beautiful starry nights, cuddle up under the night sky and sup on mulled wine as the festive season arrives.Our garden fire pits are a great way for you to keep your garden alive with activity over the colder months. At Garden Furniture ..
The outdoors may well be a little cold and dark for the most part, but the sunshine does peep its head around the corner every now and then. If you are thinking of investing in something for next year or you want to find a product that is ideal for a gift, our outdoor garden furniture could be just right. At Garden Furniture House we have an exclusive array of outdoor garden furniture that spans a wide range of styles, collections and accessories for your space. Decking, grass and patios are three areas of the garden that will need a little bit of TLC. Our outdoor garden furniture could be the..
The dining area in your garden will be a hive of activity during the spring and summer months. It will also be a useful place for everything during the colder months. There are plenty of diverse garden dining set options that can last throughout the year.We have an array of four-seater garden tables and chairs that are made from durable and hard-wearing materials. At Garden Furniture House we work hard to ensure that you have the best possible options for this important investment.What makes our four-seater garden tables and chairs perfect for you? As the weather continues to turn, ther..
Your garden will have plenty of potential. You will be wondering how to keep it clean, make sure it is completely organised and that it has the space that you want, but what about the wintertime?At Garden Furniture House we are tasked with helping homeowners and families to find the best possible solutions for their garden areas. From decking and patios through to grassed areas, we have the best additions for gardens of all shapes and sizes.Why choose our garden accessories at Garden Furniture House?As we look forward to the wintertime and colder weather, it’s important that we have garden acc..
An understated yet recognisable style of garden furniture is undoubtedly rattan. The criss-crossed woven style provides a sturdy, malleable and comfortable piece of furniture for everything from chairs, tables, loungers and much more.At Garden Furniture House we are proud to have a wide variety of Maze Rattan dining sets on our online store that will give you a range of benefits.Space, number of chairs, additional features and price are all elements that need to be considered, but we are sure you will find something at Garden Furniture House.We work hard to ensure that our Maze Rattan dining s..
Capture the last of the summer sun as it fades for another year with a new sun lounger. Whether you have noticed the comfort fading in your current sun lounger or you simply want something that revolutionises your garden area, make your choice with Garden Furniture House.Our fabric garden sun loungers are a great way to transform your outdoors areas as you lap up the sun, enjoy reading or listen to music. One simple purchase can help to maximise the space in your grass, decking or patio area.The difference that our selection at Garden Furniture House can make will only be seen when you take a ..
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