Metal Corner Sofa's

Why would someone choose a metal garden corner sofa?

The garden for some is the most important part of the home. Being outside, but in a safe space to relax is an important decision for some homeowners. Making this space as comfortable as possible is paramount to welcoming environment. A metal garden corner sofa offers quality, style and comfort.  The corner sofa has additional seating, the ability to lounge, and is the perfect way to frame a living space. A metal outdoor corner sofa can come in different styles and sizes to cater to any garden size or shape.


What other furniture options are available?

There are other furniture items that can expand on just having the metal garden corner sofa. For instance, the Maze Lounge Outdoor Fabric Manhattan Charcoal Reclining Corner Dining Set with Rising Table offers chairs, the corner sofa and a table for a complete matching feeling for all outdoor events. In addition to the dining set, the Maze lounge range offer items such as Maze Lounge Outdoor Fabric Manhattan Charcoal Sun lounger, for soaking up the sun in comfort.


Why choose metal garden corner sofa over other materials?

Not all metals are the same, and some will be better suited than others for a metal garden corner sofa. It could be for design, functionality, or durability.


Metal Furniture is timeless

Due to how versatile metal garden corner sofas can be, the aesthetics are virtually timeless. Metal garden corner sofas can be sleek and modern; they can ornate and intricate. Due to how malleable certain metals can be, there are almost no limitations to how a metal garden corner sofa can look.


Less maintenance

Metals are quite resilient, and can fair well to the elements. Steel based alloys are strong and can take years of weight pressure; they can be lighter due to their aluminium frame; they can be coupled with different cushioning to get the perfect look and feel. Powder coated metal garden corner sofas reduce the damage caused by the weather and therefore requires a lot less upkeep to make sure they are perfect for years to come.


Cost effective

Metal furniture has a wide scale when it comes to pricing. A metal garden corner sofa made from aluminium tubing will be considerably cheaper than solid cast iron. However, no matter which metal option used, metal garden corner sofas will often last longer than other materials and therefore require replacing a lor less often.


Why choose Garden Furniture House for a metal garden corner sofa?

Garden Furniture House offers more than just metal outdoor corner sofa units and dining sets. There is an option available to suit all garden furniture needs. From large sprawling open spaces, to smaller, cosy and more intimate gardens; Garden Furniture House offers a wide variety of solutions to make sure everyone can enjoy their outdoor living space. The best way to start your journey is to get in contact with us as soon as possible, our experts can guide you to finding the perfect piece of furniture for you. Saving you hours of time!


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