Folding Garden Table

Should I get a folding wooden garden table for my garden?

If there’s one thing your garden needs in a country with weather as inglorious as the United Kingdom’s, it’s flexibility! We all enjoy those spare moments on a sunny weekend in Spring or Summertime where we can gather round a dining table with friends and families to eat, drink, laugh, and soak in the rays for as long as they last. But given the infrequency of ‘great’ weather for us Britons, justifying the space in your garden for a large and potentially unwieldy garden table can be tricky. After all, you don’t want to invest your money in purchasing one which may cause you unnecessary storage headaches.

By contrast, a folding wooden garden table can be a much more suitable option for many garden-lovers. If you regularly have friends and family over, being able to fold the table in half is a neat way to either create a more intimate setting between a couple, or to make sure the whole family has room to eat and drink from. Without the option to fold, you would have to buy two entirely separate tables for two entirely separate uses — which obviously isn’t ideal for anyone! Not to mention the pain of having to lug or move around each table depending on the amount of people you have round.

What kind of folding garden tables are available for my garden?

Whether you’re keen on getting a folding garden table with a classically rustic brown tint, or a bold and bright roble folding table to use and move around with ease, you’re sure to find something which suits your style with our range. Whichever table you ultimately go for, each one provides a hard and durable platform to give your garden an elegant finish for any occasion. Moreover, it’s also essential to take a look at our collection of matching chairs to ensure your garden table gives off the best impression it possibly can to visiting friends and family.

Why should I buy a new folding wooden garden table from Garden Furniture House?

Our selection of folding wooden garden furniture reflects our understanding that you’re always looking to spice up your garden in new and exciting ways — because we share that passion! So, if a new folding garden table sounds like the ideal addition to your home’s green space, we guarantee that Garden Furniture House is the perfect place to help you get what you’re looking. In fact, with us, you have the assurance of a 14-day money back guarantee when purchasing any of our made-to-order furniture, and we also offer several delivery options to fit with your time schedule.

For more information on the range of folding wooden garden tables we can offer you, please contact us today.

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