Dining Chairs

Garden furniture crafted from Rattan remains a popular choice for homeowners, due to the versatility of colours, and ease of use to complement all garden designs and will provide guaranteed comfort.

Outdoor rattan dining chairs can be introduced to your garden to work with your current rattan garden furniture and accessories, or you can create a gorgeous corner with rattan garden dining chairs surrounded by planters as a quiet area to reflect and enjoy your garden with friends and family.

Rattan Chairs
Rattan garden chairs have never been more fashionable. A well-established design classic, they have re-emerged over recent years as the garden chair of choice for the discerning homeowner.

There’s much to love about the classic rattan design. It’s lightweight, stylish and comfortable, and using modern materials it’s incredibly resilient and hardwearing. Look after your rattan chairs and you can be enjoying them for years to come

So, what are the reasons for opting for rattan chairs over other styles of garden seating?

Versatile designs
The beauty of rattan style furniture is the range of designs into which it can be made. It gives consumers numerous options when it comes to furnishing your garden. They can be rounded, squared or cubed. They can be individual chairs or sofa style. They can be made into classic rattan style designs, or something more contemporary.

Lightweight yet hard wearing
Despite being lightweight and easy to relocate around your garden or store away during the winter, they are incredibly hard wearing. Rattan chairs can easily be lifted, stacked and stored. They can be moved to check the tracking of the sun during the day. Being lightweight doesn’t compromise just how hard wearing they are.

High grade modern rattan chairs can withstand whatever the weather throws at them. They’re made for garden use, so you won't have to rush outside to bring your rattan dining chairs inside every time it rains. A protective cover won’t do any harm, but your rattan chairs should be able to withstand much that the weather can throw at them.

Easy to maintain
Compared with other kinds of garden chairs, particularly those made of wood, rattan chairs are incredibly easy to maintain.

Classic and contemporary designs
The range of rattan garden chairs available from Garden Furniture House combines great design with practicality.

The Alexander Rose Ocean Bronze Garden Fiji Stacking Armchair is luxurious, with a bronze finish that’s resistant to UV fading. With a stackable design, it can easily be moved and stored away when not needed.

The Alexander Rose San Marino Round Weave Garden Curved Top Armchair is a premium curved armchair with an emphasis on classic style and comfort. It’s made up of a red rose rattan pattern over a lightweight aluminium frame. It’s a solidly constructed piece of furniture meaning that no self-assembly is required. It forms a part of the San Marino round weave range that also includes garden tables, sofas and corner sets.

For a contemporary garden, style take a look at the Alexander Rose Ocean Bronze Garden Maldives Armchair With Cushion. It’s a luxurious armchair with a triple tone bronze finish and a great place to relax.

Check out the range of rattan chairs at Garden Furniture House
Garden Furniture House is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of rattan garden furniture. Our rattan chairs are available in a range of different designs and complement the rest of our collection. Whether you’re looking for individual chairs or complete garden sets then make Garden Furniture House your first choice.

Take a look at our range today.

The Garden Furniture House designers have created a range of oak rattan dining chairs and rattan dining chair with cushions to match all garden tastes.

Elegant modern gardens

Explore the contemporary range of rattan dining chairs the UK. Manufactured in colour combinations such as warm deep greys finished with pale silver cushions the Alexander Rose Monte Carlo Rattan Garden Open Weave Armchair works perfectly on its own as a rattan garden feature or can be purchased in pairs for a warm patio.

Urban chic gardens

A clean urban garden with minimalist styling will benefit from the addition of Alexander Rose Ocean Bronze Garden Fiji Stacking Side Chair. Designed as a flat rattan dining chair for simple tastes and uncluttered garden design, this contemporary rattan garden chair is simple, gorgeous and can be utilized in all areas of the garden, home and conservatory.

What colours of Rattan Dining Chairs do Garden Furniture House supply?

Rattan Garden furniture is not only robust and elegant, but you also have plenty of stunning colour combinations to consider and choose from a variety of suitable colour combinations for your perfect outdoor rattan dining chairs combination.

Subtle modern greys

Cools greys place a modern spin on the traditional outdoor rattan dining chairs design. Modern style rattan garden dining chairs such as the Alexander Rose Monte Carlo Rattan Garden Armchair can be adapted to work with all garden furniture and match existing garden accessories and planters.

Classic garden 

Rattan garden pieces work perfectly with any outdoor space. If you are looking for a neutral and versatile rattan dining chair with cushion, that will pleasantly complement a classic English garden the Alexander Rose Ocean Pearl Garden Wave Armchair and the Alexander Rose Ocean Pearl Garden Fiji Stacking Side Chair will make a stunning addition to your garden or conservatory.

Why should someone buy Rattan Dining Chairs for their garden?

Garden Furniture House has worked closely with designers to create an unrivalled online range of outdoor rattan dining chairs to help you create your dream garden space. Rattan garden furniture works perfectly within a garden, conservatory or sunroom. Adding to the ambience of the outdoors and allowing you to sit back and relax.

 The entire range of rattan dining chairs UK has been expertly designed and crafted to remain robust for years to come, with the addition of high-quality cushions, manufactured from UV stable fabrics, make the most of your summer with the Garden Furniture House affordable range of oak rattan dining chairs

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