Indoor Rattan Furniture

Indoor Rattan Furniture
Rattan garden furniture is a much-loved garden favourite. Its great looks and classic style have made it a feature of gardens for decades. Modern rattan garden furniture combines classic looks with the very best design and construction techniques to create something as hard-wearing and adaptable as it is stylish.


Rattan isn’t just for the garden, however. It can look great in your home, whether that’s in a conservatory, a dining room, kitchen or living room.

Why is rattan a great choice for furniture?
Traditionally, rattan furniture was made from natural fibres that were vulnerable to decay in wet weather and could fade as a result of strong sunshine. PE synthetic rattan on the other hand is 100% weatherproof, and as a result is much more hard wearing either in the garden or in your home.

As well as being hard-wearing, it’s also light. It’s not heavy dominating furniture, instead it creates a lighter atmosphere, which can be particularly effective in small spaces.

The main reason that rattan furniture remains so popular is how it looks. It’s instantly recognisable, and currently right-on trend. With a neat blend of classic chic, rustic charm and modern style, it adds a touch of effortless elegance to any room.

Rattan furniture is an investment
As with rattan garden furniture, rattan furniture for your home is hard-wearing and will retain its good looks for years to come. Rattan sofas are less prone to sagging and fading over time so they offer a good long-term investment.

Rattan furniture is affordable
As well as having a number of advantages in terms of design and construction, it’s also incredibly affordable. Choosing indoor rattan furniture for your home is often a cost-conscious option that enables you to keep within your furnishing budget.


How rattan furniture can transform your home
Indoor rattan furniture is often associated with conservatories, but it can look great in a variety of rooms. Rattan sofas  can often complement a stripped back minimalist look in your living room. They look great when combined with stripped wooden floors or laminate, and complement house plants with lots of foliage if you’re trying to recreate a tropical/colonial look.

As well as being great for the patio, rattan dining tables and chairs can be used in your dining room. They’re a great alternative to wooden dining tables and can help make a space seem larger.

Rattan daybeds can make a great addition to your home. They’re a fun place to crash and relax, either in a guest bedroom, a teenager’s room or in a garden room.


A wide range of rattan furniture is available from Garden Furniture House
Garden Furniture House has become one of the UK’s leading suppliers of rattan furniture. Whether you’re looking to introduce the classic good looks of rattan to your garden or your home, we have something for you.

We work hard to always be competitive on price, offer great customer service and flexible delivery options.

Why not take a look at our rattan furniture options for inspiration for your home?

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