Metal Patio Sets

The patio for most is an extension of the living space. Allowing for comfort and lounging but in the beautiful summer weather. A metal patio set can be in steel, aluminium or iron. Depending on requirements, each material has their benefits and limitations, such as Iron is much heavier than a hollow aluminium tubing. A metal patio set is usually a more cost-effective way to furnish your outdoor living space so you can easily and comfortably spend some time in the sunshine. 

What is included? 

Depending on which metal patio set you are looking at, they may come with more seating or added accessories such as a fire pit or parasol. Garden Furniture House has a wide range of 4-seater metal patio sets, 6-seater patio sets, and all the way up to over 10-seater patio sets! 


4-seater metal patio set 

For the smaller patio, or for smaller gatherings, the 4-seater metal patio set offers great value for money as you aren’t paying for unnecessary seating. The Royalcraft Sorrento Black 4-Seater Round Dining Recliner Set is both comfortable and practical and the textile is weather-proof which makes them lower maintenance. They also couple with other Royalcraft metal patio furniture to have matching furniture throughout the garden. Such as the Royalcraft Garden 16kg Brown Round Parasol Base.  


6-seater metal patio set 

If you need something bigger to host more people and want additional furniture included other than the seats and the table, then the Nova Garden Furniture Milano White Milan 6-seater metal patio set with Firepit is ideal.  The Milan 6-seater metal patio set range come with either a square or oval table and a centre piece firepit. To make the summer evenings even more special. 


Why are metal patio sets popular?  



Depending on the metal, metal patio sets can be lightweight and easy to move around. If the metal patio set is being stored away each year, or being used for additional seating indoors when people come visit, then being lightweight is a huge positive. 4-seater metal patio set also have a lower footprint and also makes them ideal for homes that need to store their furniture away in the winter.  



Some metals are not affected by the weather as much as others. Aluminium for instance does not rust, where Iron and steel do. There are methods to make steel more durable such as stainless steel. Metal Patio Sets are more commonly aluminium as the can stand a large amount of weight, they are light and last a long time. 


Low maintenance 

Wood can become damaged by any number of events. Harsh weather that changes dramatically, needs a reapplication of weather treatment, or even insects can cause the wood to weaken. Metal patio sets are not damaged by insects, such as termites, and are powder coated before they are sold.  


 Who would benefit from a metal patio set? 

If you have a family who love being outdoors; kids playing in the garden; parents coming over for a barbecue; then you will need some garden furniture. 4-seater metal patio sets and 6-seater metal patio sets are the most common options and look great in any style of garden. Get in touch with us at Garden Furniture House today to get the right garden furniture for you.

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