Metal Folding Garden Chairs

Metal folding garden chairs
When you’re looking at investing in some new furniture for your garden there’s a few decisions you’ll need to make. How big do you require your garden set to be? Do you need a table and chairs set, or perhaps something more relaxing like a corner sofa? Are you looking for something that you can leave out all year round, or would you like to put your garden furniture into storage during the winter months? Perhaps you already have a set, and you’d like to add extra flexible seating options.

Folding garden chairs make your garden seating adaptable
The folding garden chair is something of a British design classic. We all know about deckchairs and their classic design. Whether you’re sitting on a traditional stripy wooden deckchair at the beach or packing a folding chair into your car for a family picnic, they offer flexibility for the outdoor life. Folding garden chairs are a great choice for smaller gardens, where you might not want to leave chairs outside all year round.

What are the advantages of metal folding garden chairs?
Folding garden chairs are made of hard wearing but lightweight metal that makes them easy to transport around your garden and home. They can be lifted up, folded and stored, taking up very little storage space. They can be added to an existing table and seating set-up to expand the number of people who can sit down. They allow you to design your outside seating space depending on what you’re using it for.

They also require very little maintenance, and because they can easily be folded away, they’re less likely to be left out during extreme weather. Metal folding garden chairs can last for many years, if not decades, with very basic maintenance and good storage.

A wide range of designs
Over the decades the manufacturing process for metal folding garden chairs has developed considerably. The casting process in particular now means that not only are metal garden chairs, either folding or not, hard wearing and durable, they’re also lightweight. They can also be combined with a practically limitless range of designs. Whether your tastes are traditional, effortlessly classic or cool and contemporary, you’re likely to find the ideal metal folding garden chair for you.

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The Alexander Rose Portofino Garden Tea For 2 Folding Set has a high-quality mild steel construction with excellent weather resistance. Including two metal folding garden chairs with a metallic grey finish, it’s the perfect choice for courtyards, patios and smaller gardens. Solidly constructed pieces of garden furniture, don’t require any tricky self- assembly.

With an outstanding range featuring some of the UK’s best garden furniture brands, Garden Furniture House has established an outstanding reputation for quality and customer service.

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